The old villa is located on a hill, beautifully surrounded by forrest and nature. This is a house with deep historical roots, but also a building that blossoms in modern times. The years gone by and life have left it’s marks, beautiful ripples and patina. The memories of people are ingrained in the walls.

History lives on in interplay with contemporary influences and modern solutions. Here, classical design coexists with the classics of tomorrow. Calm and mellow colours are brought to life by natural materials. White, brown and grey with wood, leather and ceramics. The feeling is warm, calm and pleasant.

Trolley, 12 500 sek

Stool, 5 500 sek

Daybed, 35 000 sek

Here is room to create and live. Here is room for art and handicraft and here is room for us.
Hillevi Magnell - Designer

Shelf, 1200 - 1900 sek

Hanger, 350 sek

As the villa lives on, our products live on, as long as there are new stories to be told.
Hillevi Magnell, Designer

Bench 15 500 sek

Daybed 35 000 sek

By human hands

The handicraft is perceived in both major and minor features and details – the covering of the tile stove, the daybed, the hat rack, the vase in the window and the bag on the floor – all products by human hands.

Daybed 35 000 sek

Stool 5 500 sek

Stool 5 500 sek

Tote bag 2 500 sek

The history

Dim light shimmers through the large windows creating deep shadows and enhances the room’s shape and fabrics. Here is room for poetry. Here is room to create. Here we became a part of the history of this villa as it became a part of ours. As the villa lives on, our products live on, as long as there are new stories to be told.

Bench 15 500 sek

The story

For this photoshoot, we were looking for an environment that together with our products could tell an interesting story. In this way, we want to convey the most important thing - that our products get life when they become part of a context, when they take place in someone's life.

The team behind this story
Stylist Sundling Kickén,
Photographer Emily Laye
Copywriter Robert Nilsson.

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