We are a design studio our own production in Småland. We design furniture, details and accessories in leather and work mainly in leather from Tärnsjö, the world's only environmentally certified tannery.

We develop concepts, make collaborations and have the confidence to be part of the process of shaping products for our customers.

We are all a part of a bigger picture. Observing it, learning, marveling, and passing forward. Influences are perceived, tendencies are filtered. The design comes to life with the greatest respect for the essence. Honoring the crafts and our planet's resources. They can never be valued enough.

A belief in lines, not limits. A piece of furniture may well be a piece of art or an installation with a specific expression. Why should it ever settle for less? An item chosen for its appearance, carefully placed in the room, sharpens the mood. Becomes a sculptural moment for those who take time.

SSM Project

We have turned many ideas and sketches into finished products. For several years, we have built strong relationships with both suppliers and customers.

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SSM X Bruno Mathsson

We had the honor of movin into Bruno Mathsson´s summer house in Frösakull for a while.

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