We are a design studio with our own manufacturing and with close collaborations with various partners we create and design furniture and products for life. Our small and intimate format allows us to create and design with passion and presence and in conjunction with the strength of larger manufacturing partners we deliver complete “hard to beat” solutions.

Our products are made for life and by using them daily they acquire increased aesthetic qualities. You are warmly welcome to visit us and experience our products and get to know us better. Our designstudio and showroom is located at Tändsticksområdet in the center of Jönköping. If you have any questions/enquiries or discuss materials, design and production/manufacturing, you can reach us via email or phone. We are always open to new people, contacts and collaborations.

Vi är SSM, Smålands Skinnmanufaktur
Johan & Hillevi

Hillevi Magnell and Johan Stockhem, founder of SSM


For us, leather is a sustainable and durable material and its a natural component in all our products. Our production facilities are close to our geographical roots in Småland and we are close to our customers. Our products are handmade from Swedish leather produced by natural processes and is free of chromium. We care deeply for the environment and we collaborate with the world’s only environmentally certified tannery – Tärnsjö tannery.

Shelf 1000-1 800 sek

Tote bag 2 500 sek

Hanger double 300 sek, Hanger loop 300 sek

Our products are made by hand in Sweden, with the intention that each piece ages gracefully and becomes more beautiful each day they are used.
Hillevi Magnell - Designer

Bench 15 500 Sek

Our products get alive when they become a part of a context, when they take place in someone's life.
Hillevi Magnell - Designer

Trolley 12 500 sek