The Collection 1.0

The collection designed for the hall is a seven-product family, from small hooks to larger furniture such as a bench. Everything is made from pure raw materials, ash and leather from Tärnsjö. The production takes place in Småland, close to our geographical roots in Småland. We took a whole approach about the hall which, according to us, is an important space. It's the first and last one you meet in a home. The ideas have emerged in a process where the keyword, among other things, has been Swedish manufacturing. The challenge has been to combine our design with Granits design and let them meet in fine products.

For us it was important that our design with bright and natural colors would serve as a fine contrast to Granti's slightly more robust industrial style. And then we would do it classic with a little twist.

We like their design and feel for material. We are extra proud of the conscious material choices and Swedish production which is an important part of our collaboration.
Linda Åkeson, Granits Sortiment's manager